Our ancients often undertook a barefoot parikrama (travel down the length) of the Narmada river to cleanse themselves of their sins. Few would do this today. Yet, Royina Grewal, inspired by her

Can culture be ignored by those who are involved in the process of development. "No," says Ismail Serageldin, vice-president for Environmentally Sustainable Development in the World Bank. According

AFTER Vasundhara it is Dharti. Environmentalism is surely growing on the theatre groups of the Capital. Dharti, a Hindustani musical was staged by the Delhi Art Theater to commemorate the World Drama

The history of Humayun's Tomb has been captured on a software programme

After the successful release of his book, Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talab, Anupam Mishra of the Gandhi Peace Foundation will soon release Rajasthan ki Rajat Bunde, based on 10 years of research on the

THE muckiest city in India suddenly stepped into glass slippers and pert ecofriendliness last fortnight. Local NGOs, environmentalists, craftspersons and sundry others with a green bent hung together

THE sight of young forests in a dry desert is a breathtaking sight. Marusthal par vijay is the story of the Haryana Forest Department's afforestation efforts to block the sinister advance of the Thar

ROWS and rows of men and women are shown marching ahead to fight for their rights, the right to have a say in their future. These people are the centre point of Ali Kazimi's film Narmada: A valley

A RICH forest supporting the survival of the local tribal populace, a city girl in empathy, forest contractors and a foreign company eyeing the woods, and a young, diligent forest officer... the

FILMS and videos have been used by environmentalists as promotional material for spreading their message. In addition to this, flash cards and posters have always formed an integeral part of the