The neo-natal clinic at the government hospital in Mandya, 90 km from Bangalore, is surprisingly clean as ophthalmologist Anand Vinekar, 35, wheels in a Retcam, a cutting-edge diagnostic device the size of a television set. Vinekar then pulls out what looks like a hair dryer from the device.

Despite India being seen as a late entrant in the mini-hydel power sector, the group's (Established 1958) power plants in Karnataka are producing nearly 100 MW of power.

The district shot to national prominence when it elected Sonia Gandhi to the Lok Sabha, but in more recent times, Bellary in Karnataka has stayed in the news because of its mining tycoons"the Gali Reddy brothers, two of whom are members of the state Cabinet.

Three hours drive beyond Hosur from Bangalore, the popular picnic spot Hogenakkal

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When it comes to Karnataka's forest cover, even a brigand like Veerappan had his uses. His dreaded presence in the jungles in advertantly served to preserve the state's green cover, even though the bandit himself was an unrepentant poacher of elephants. "He kept encroachers at bay," admits ^ ornithologist and bird specialist H M.B.