Grassland Is An Ideal Habitat For Breeding

The forest department has counted 48 lesser floricans, the critically endangered smallest bustards of the world, in Velavadar Blackbuck National Park (BNP) in Bhavnagar district. The counting was done on Saturday and Sunday.

Have Asiatic lions found their own homes within the home around the Gir forest?

State forest department officials said over the last two decades, lions have dispersed from the Gir forest, which was a core area of Asiatic lions, and have settled down in respective areas and made their permanent 'homes'.

At the honk of a water tanker, hundreds of women in Bedi village dash to Khari Chowk, leaving aside all other errands.

300 Families In Amreli Have Shifted To Coastal Areas With 8,000 Cattle

Rajkot: Dhandha nesh (traditional dwellings of maldharis) near Dhari, some 55 km from Amreli town, usually bustles with activity. People of this pastoral community sell milk to near-by dairies. In fact, this nesh is famous for its mava (milk solids used to make sweets), which is brought by large number of sweet shop owners.

In A Month, 7 Crushed To Death In Bhavnagar

Rajkot: Gujarat’s first cablestayed bridge built over a sea creek in Bhavnagar may have helped the business boom with better connectivity to the city. But, barely 14 kms away, the road connecting this bridge is turning into a graveyard for the endangered blackbucks around the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park. Over the last one month, speeding vehicles have killed seven blackbucks on the five-km stretch between Khetakhatli to Kalatalav village.

Rajkot: Close to seven lakh people who undertook the fiveday annual Parikrama around Mount Girnar in November left the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary littered with nearly 23,000 kg of plastic waste.

This is an alarming fourfold increase in the quantity of plastic waste strewn in the sanctuary compared to 2011. The clean-up drive ‘Girnar Safai Abhiyan’ to clear the lions’ abode was taken up immediately after the parikrama ended on November 29 last year. In the last 50 days or so, volunteers have gathered nearly 23 tonnes of plastic, mostly water pouches, from the sanctuary. The drive is still on and it is likely the quantity will go up to 25 tonnes.

135 Dams In Region Have Just Nine Per Cent Of Water Left

Rajkot: Tempers are running high in the pilgrim town of Virpur. Without drinking water for the last 25 days, residents have called for a bandh on Thursday to vent their anger. The bandh call comes barely 10 days after a group of women ransacked the municipality office in Jetpur town to protest against the scarcity of water.

Rajkot: Crores of gallons of precious water, which could have irrigated at least 10,000 acres of farmland and provided drinking water to lakhs of households for months, is simply flowing into the arid saltpans of Little Rann of Kutch.

Locals say the water has been overflowing from the sub canals of the Zinzuwada branch canal for the past 45 days, but authorities have turned a blind eye to the waste. The water from the sub-canals is given to farmers but there is no system of conserving the excess, which is allowed to drain out into the Little Rann.

Tourists Found Littering Will Be Fined 500

Rajkot: The Diu administration has decided to ban the of plastics on the island spread over an area of 38.8 square km from this New Year onwards. Those found dumping plastic waste will be fined Rs 500 under various sections of Environment Protection Act, 1971. So tourists planning a New Year bash at Diu and in the habit of dumping plastic bags, water bottles and pouches on the beaches and roads, beware!

Their Children Have Dropped Out Of School In Many Villages

Rajkot: A native of Sinchor village in Pavi-Jetpur taluka of Vadodara district Kiran Nayak (16) enrolled himself in Ambardi village high school in Gondal taluka of Rajkot this year as his family has been living here for the last five years. His father Bhima Nayak hoped that Kiran would get good education along with employment. However, fate has something else in store for him.