Winrock International, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, has been implementing the project on 'Increasing Access of Poor Nepali Communities to Biogas Technology to Strengthen Livelihoods and to Enhance Environment Management', since August 2007.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, recently announced a Generation Based Incentive (GBI) scheme for grid connected wind and solar projects under which each state has been granted a maximum of 10 MW power capacity from solar power plants, with a ceiling of 5 MW per company.

Groups of women in Zambia started providing energy services like battery charging, irrigation, milling and welding, to the community by using a replacing diesel with jatropha oil that they produce themselves.

Biomass based power generation is one of the promising renewable options. This article reviews the status and potential of biomass based power for India.

The ability to know today how much wind power will be produced over the next few days provides a decisive advantage over the energy market. Thanks to a new system developed by German University spin-off energy & meteo systems, it's now possible to obtain an accurate forecast of the energy output from wind parks for up to ten days in advance.