The year 2019 has positive prospects for Africa in terms of increase in economic growth, governance and improved business environment, said Foresight Africa 2019 report launched in Johannesburg. The report contains different chapters written by different influential people in government, academia and civil society.

The Ending Rural Hunger project was created by the Global Economy and Development division of the Brookings Institution. The first report "Ending Rural Hunger: Mapping Needs and Actions for Food and Nutrition Security" argues that a new approach is needed to achieve Global Goal 2: Zero Hunger that is sustained, strategic and evidence-based.

The agendas of accelerating sustainable development and eradicating poverty and that of climate change are deeply intertwined. Growth strategies that fail to tackle poverty and/or climate change will prove to be unsustainable, and vice versa. A common denominator to the success of both agendas is infrastructure development.