As of mid-2020, no Critical Wildlife Habitats (CWHs) had been notified in the country.

This report is an outcome of the Community Forest Rights-Learning and Advocacy Process (CFR-LA) which was initiated in 2011 to facilitate exchange of information and experiences to reinforce national level efforts for evidence-based advocacy on Community Forest Resource Rights (CFRs) under the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwelle

The objective of the study was to understand both the ground level situation of CFR implementation and major policy level developments that may be obstructing or strengthening the provision of CFRs, and to provide an assessment based on the collected information about the same.

This report by Kalpavriksh, Aaranyak and ActionAid India deals with the large dams' juggernaut, which happens to be the biggest 'development' intervention in the ecologically fragile and seismically active Northeast region in the coming days.

This booklet is about a collaborative system of protecting natural environments, known as joint protected area management (JPAM). JPAM attempts to conserve protected areas in a way whereby local communities, wildlife and wildlife habitats can co-exist by mutually benefitting each other, and in which government officials, local people and others work together.