INTERNET, the world's communication network will soon becorne the source for crofters - tenants in Scotland holding small plots of arable land near their homes - to access information al;6ut

With agriculture playing a dominant role in nations' economy, efforts should be directed at making it more productive One way of doing it would be to provide an efficient and cost effective irrigation system which would not only save water, but a

AGRICULTURE all over the world has suffered many aid cuts in the recent past, according to the director general of the um Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Jacques Diouf This has led to

Famine and mass starvation are looming large over the nation's 22 million inhabitants. Nearly 2.1 million children and half a million pregnant women across the country are at risk of

A NEW finding by the scientists of the New Delhi-based Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) brings good tidings for Indian farmers. High levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the

Rural agricultural practices in the UK maybe in for an automation invasion. Robots, instead of humans, will pick and sort through vegetables and fruits, milk cows and guide farm vehicles

THERE is a growing demand for food, fibre, fodder and fuel as population pressure is skyrocketing. This has been furthered by the problems already existing in the agriculture sector. The

Findings from a recent study conducted in Pakistan and Egypt by researchers from the Imperial College, London, suggest that a secondary pollutant, surface ozone, may well be responsible for substantial reduction in the yields of major crops

Researchers at the Scottish Crop Research Institute near Dundee, working on the oilseed rape plant, have concluded that pollen from the genetically engineered crop actually spreads to a larger

Caribbean agriculture has been laid low by a large variety of pests and a series of hurricanes and drought. "We have a crisis in agriculture in the Caribbean," admits Hayden Blades,