Tiruvannamalai: The Forest Department is planning to use microchip implant to tackle elephant menace which affects people living in villages situated on the peripheries of Jawadu Hills, particularly farmers.

Wild elephant menace has again surfaced in the foothills of Shiradi Ghat.

A wild elephant has caused much damage to areca and banana plantations in Paravarakotya of Shiradi village on Wednesday night. Pepper, banana and areca crops of farmers E M Cyriac and P J Mathew have been destroyed. The elephant has damaged a pump house and pipes meant for irrigation.

ERODE: Farmers from Kannapalli and Illipali villages near Ammapettai, Bhavani, have petitioned the district administration seeking assistance to protect their crops from wild boar.

Residents of Dhave-Sattari have expressed fear over the presence of a leopard in the village since the last few days.
According to the residents, the leopard has attacked many dogs in the village since the last few days.

Kandeketiya, a village in Badulla, is constantly fighting the elephant menace that had prevailed for the last 30 years.

Residents here say that the fear of being killed by an elephant has overwhelmed them for many years and that they cannot carry on with their livelihood as a result of this.

A herd of wild

JORHAT, Dec 30: Wild elephants destroyed as many as 33 houses of Kankan sapori in Majuli last night. A house was also gutted in fire in the attack. However, no casualty have been reported so far.

JORHAT, Dec 29: One person was injured at Dabur Sapori after the Forest Department chased the herd of wild elephants away from the Jhanjimukh area across the Brahmaputra last night.

Ignorant of the herd

The herd was chased away to nearby Bevanatham forest by farmers

KRISHNAGIRI: Farmers in Kelamangalam area, near Denkanikottai, are under the grip of fear over wild elephant menace.

Six elephants from reserve forests, near Denkanikottai, entered the nearby fields last week and damaged the crops that were ready for harvest.

JORHAT, Nov 26: Wild elephants went on a rampage at the Jhanjimukh area here recently, destroying fields of paddy and gorging on the sheaves of harvested crops.

JORHAT, Nov 12: More than 100-strong herd of wild elephants which has been terrorizing villagers in upper Assam for the last few years is back at the Nimati-Hatisal and Kokilamukh areas along the Brahmaputra here. Villagers, apprehensive of the herd ravaging the ripe paddy, are keeping a night long vigil along the embankment in North Jorhat to head off the herd.