A CAMPAIGN is slowly building up in Assam against the construction of large dams on rivers in Arunachal Pradesh, with experts as well as intellectuals fearing that these dams will have serious implications in the Brahmaputra valley.

The Brahmaputra Valley region has a unique landscape, with the Brahmaputra River and other rivulets running between the parallel hill ranges. The valley gets flooded during the monsoons, which deposit a large amount of silt and debris on the riverbeds.

Geomorphologically, the mighty Brahmaputra River system flows over the Quaternary sediments. This is a cause of concern because of its location in an abundant monsoon regime within an active seismogenic volume. Since time immemorial, the Brahmaputra has continued to wreck havoc through repeated floods year after year.

Banned outfit ULFA has warned ONGC and Oil India Limited (OIL) to desist from carrying out seismic exploration of hydrocarbons in the Brahmaputra valley in the interests of safeguarding historic monum

This report describes the current and recent past geographical range of the tiger. It provides spatial data on tiger distribution at the tehsil level and its associated landscape characterization; a precursor for land use planning incorporating conservation concerns and priorities.

Dying Wisdom: Rise, Fall and Potential of India's Traditional Water Harvesting System provides a comprehensive overview of India's millennia-old traditions of water harvesting. This book triggered a nationwide interest in community-based water management.

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