Tiny magnets are the key to quake proof buildings and bridges

And now a window to keep out aircraft noise. Fergus Fricke and Ramin Mohajeri at the University of Sydney, Australia, have developed a window that responds to the sound of an aircraft by shutting.

JOINT NETWORKING: Oracle Corporation of the US has entered into an alliance with the Philippine Long Distance Phone Company (PLDT) to build a telecommunications and computer network in the

Fresh innovations are making solar cells a more affordable option which could redefine the way electricity is generated and distributed in homes

Fungi, bacteria and dust accumulation in the ventilation ducts of large office buildings is the main reason for the deterioration of the same. Such buildings can now be nursed back to

Scientists working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Germany, have devised an 'intelligent window' which can automatically modulate the amount of sunlight entering a room. Just

FOR years, technical book alternative materials and cost building tech have been regularly lished. Government semi-government org tions like Housing Urban Development ration have published

With noise pollution on the increase, an UK based research centre involves itself in providing for noise insulated dwellings

It is normal for people in many countries to build their own houses, especially among the poor. Now, a British architect, Walter Segal, has developed a timber-frame building system based on

SUHASINI AYER GUIGAN is an architect concerned with issues of rural development and habitat. Holding a degree in architecture from the Delhi based School of Planning and Architecture, she has spent nearly a decade working on earth construction, and is cur