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Some Western countries sponsor meetings of select experts to sway public opinion in their favour

Industrialised nations continue to be the major contnlxftrs of greenhouse gases and their emissions are increasing

A 4.80 m long shallow water sediment core, collected from the inner shelf (at 22 m water depth) off Karwar, near Kali river mouth is studied for foraminiferal tracers of palaeomonsoons. The climate history of this core which represents the last 4,500 years approximately revealed the evidences of a significant change in the intensity of the precipitation around 2,000 years BP.

Scientists have created the most realistic model of ocean currents yet and taken another step towards understanding global climate

The World's richest nations reiterate environment is high on their policy agenda

The Beijing conference saw discussions on the second phase of the Global Environment Facility, which is expected to finance implementation of the climate and biodiversity conventions.

A blast in a secret weapons factory in the off limits city of Tomsk 7 shook western Siberia recently and revived memories of Chernobyl.

Scientists say the Moon exerts a moderating influence on variations in the Earth's obliquity or tilt and this has a direct effect on our climate.

Volcanic explosions don't only throw up a lot of dust and kill thousands of people. Even two years after a flare up, weather patterns in distant places can be affected.

MOTIVATED by the need for a holistic understanding of the impact of human activity on the earth's natural phenomena, scientists in the last decade have been studying the earth as an entire system,