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Forests help maintain the environmental conditions that make life possible, from regional hydrologic cycles to global climate. Frontier forests, large, ecologically intact and relatively

Stephen Flock of the University of Arkansas, in the US, and his team has developed a new laser device, which is helping doctors and nurses give injections to patients. This will not only render the

Ice cover might be increasing in the West Antarctic contrary to its presumed collapse

The National Environment Commission (NEC) of Bhutan recently hosted a workshop on April 22, to train government officials "to understand the issues of climate change, how they fit in, and how they

A prototype solar device that produces enough hot air from the sun's rays to drive the turbines of a 50 kw power station has brought the prospect of cheap, solar-generated electricity a step closer.

lack of rain, freezing temperatures and cold winds have brought fears of drought across Europe. Many farmers across Europe are now facing a 'catastrophe' according to Copa, the association of

Children absorb more information by watching TV than by reading, says a study done by Juliette Walma van der Molen and Tom van der Voort of Leiden University in the Netherlands. Five news stories

Indian scientists gear up for a new round of experiments in Antarctica

Given the extraordinary number of handwritings that exist, it has proved extremely difficult for a computer to recognise handwritten script. Now, researchers at the State University of New York in

march 22 was celebrated as World Water Day, a reminder that the water resources abounding the earth are being stressed out mainly due to the increase in human population. On March 21-22, Morocco