THE government says it is not averse to opening commercial coal mining to private sector. It would do well to realise the urgency on this count and repeal the Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act, 1973, which has reserved coal mining for public sector units.

For progressive improvement in the economic growth of a developing country like India, sustainable energy supply is of paramount significance. Coal, being a relatively cheap and abundant energy resource in contrast to a very low hydrocarbon resource potential in India, remains the focus of attention of the energy planners ever since the oil crunch of the early


Central and state authorities fiddle while underground coalfields burn in Jharia in the state of Jharkhand

norway's plan to increase coal mining from Arctic Svalbard has invited the ire of environmentalists. The greens say that coal is the most polluting source of power and can wreak havoc on the

Coal based plants spew mercury

The current attitude of BCCL, according to Jharia Bachao Abhiyan Samiti, is contrary to its declared Rs 10,000 crore rehabilitation plan which it had proudiy announced in 1984. Sources within the