Morning in Dal: commotion behind the scenes

An ingenious and indigenous way of cultivation

... and sewage a strong political will is needed to get rid of them?

A MAJOR operation is on to restore the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Encroachments around the lake are being removed by the department of housing and urban development under its lake conservation

the Union Cabinet has approved the conservation of the Dal Lake within the framework of the National Lake Conservation Project as proposed in the Ninth Plan. According to an official spokesperson

austrian scientists might help clean the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The Austrian Deputy Chief of Mission in Delhi, Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal has said that a scientist from the Austrian ministry of

THE lakes in the Kashmir Valley are soon to get a facelift as a team of Austrian experts are visiting the valley to develop a plan for their conservation. A master plan will be framed by the

On the basis of hydrochemical and biological studies, a trophic gradient has been established between the inshore and the offshore areas of the Dal lake. The inshore areas receive large quantities of raw sewage and agricultural runoff as a result of which high nutrient concentration of water and the presence of dense phytoplankton populations have been registered at these sites.

till recently, restoring the pristine beauty of the famous Dal, Nagin and Aanchar lakes seemed an impossible task. But a recent court directive on the cleaning of these water bodies has