When Dr Marc Stollreiter, a first-time German visitor to Kashmir, went on a shikara ride on the picturesque Dal lake recently, he was shocked by what he saw beneath its tranquil waters. "We found huge quantities of syringes and needles. We saw mounds of rotting garbage. We saw tourists throwing empty chips packets, plastic bags and the like from shikaras into the lake."

House committee submits report on Dal lake s revival

Biotoilets fail to save Dal lake from pollution due to official apathy

Trespassers moved: The glory of Dal lake is being revived. Thirteen hotels situated in the lake area are being shifted to Humhama near

They are not concerned about the troubles in the valley. Their main concern is to save Dal lake from death

The Save Dal Lake project is embroiled in a multi crore scam

At least 80 per cent of solid waste generated by the Dal Lake dwellers is being disposed off safely due to the efforts of hope

The Dal lake is shrinking. It s waters are weed ridden. Untreated waste finds its way into the water. People continue to build land on the lake area. An ambitious project to save the lake was launched in 1997, but hardly any headway has been made

The colony that has mushroomed upon the Dal Lake is the only slum on water in Srinagar. A byproduct of the proxy war between India and Pakistan, it threatens to kill the lake

Call them the lakers . Some 10,000 of them. Parts of the Dal land and water belong to them. And when they feel the need to make a floating garden or land on the lake, they simply do it. Especially since the militancy problem in the Valley began, there