Tejinder Singh Sodhi

Ahead of Congress President and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi

In a bid to clean the polluted Dal Lake here, two state-of-the-art drudging machines have been brought from Finland.

Srinagar: To conserve, preserve and beautify pristine glory of the Dal Lake, an amount of Rs 2 crore is expected to be spend on 6,450-metre-long fencing of the lake. A colony will be developed with an amount of Rs 450 crore at Rakh-e-Arth here for the rehabilitation of Dal dwellers.

In order to preserve the world-famous Dal Lake from its current deplorable condition, an amount of Rs 6 crore is being spent on various development works during the
fiscal year.

Forests in Kashmir, occupying importance second to agriculture, harbour rich hebaceous flora. But due to deforestation, forest cover has reduced to 51% (for the year 1997-1998) against 59% during the pre-planned era, affecting herbaceous wealth of these ecosystems.

With the Centre sanctioning Rs 70 lakh for the development and maintenance of Dal Lake, situated in the lap of Dhauladhar ranges at Naddi in upper Dharamshala, the efforts of the district administration to bring the lake back to life have borne fruits.

The central government will provide Rs 639 crore required for the execution of the Poonch-Shopian Mughal road project, that was agreed upon during the two-day visit of the central team that concluded yesterday.

The truth is that the Dal dwellers are hardly responsible for this vanishing ecosystem - they didn't cut the forests, build bunds, construct on the banks or dam the rivers. It is the way our nation has industrialised that we cannot see nature as an ecosystem, but only as resources.

The central government is reviewing a multi-crore proposal for the conservation of Kashmir

Pushing Paper Bags Will Only Lead To More Cutting Of Trees, Says Minister

New Delhi: The government made it clear that it is not in favour of a blanket ban on using plastic bags while it is working on use of biodegradable plastic as colouring elements like dyes are a health hazard and thin bags and material can severely jam up sewage systems.