India will spend more than $290 million cleaning up two iconic lakes in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), which have been polluted during decades of neglect and a separatist revolt, India

The registration of new houseboats on Srinagar

The need of set ting up more Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) around the Dal Lake might be a standard demand from the environment protection institutions, the fact remains that even the existing STPs are not functioning to their potential thanks to their linkage with a limited number of sewer lines.

High court shuts down houseboats on Dal lake Come summer, tourists visiting Srinagar may not be able to rent a houseboat on the famous Dal lake. The Jammu and Kashmir high court, on February 25, ordered the government to close down all houseboats. The owners will be allowed to resume operations if they instal sewage disposal units in the houseboats. Dal lake has about 1,000 houseboats and in

The large quantity of sewage that flows into Dal lake from Srinagar requires two additional sewage treatment plants (STPs). Current STPs are working at 50-60 per cent capacity, according to data. All households must be connected to sewage systems which will transport the sewage to the treatment plants. Decentralized technologies, like the STUs, can help treat sewage directly discharged

Houseboat owners launch campaign

The Houseboat Owners

Maintaining that the cleanliness in and around the famous Dal lake was indispensable for the sustenance of their livelihood and also for the overall healthy environment, Houseboat Owners

It is often the case with environmental threats that commercial interests in the target area, required to comply with legal prescriptions, are hard hit in the short term. But if they don

Srinagar: Imagine the Dal Lake without its houseboats. If that left you with a sense of emptiness, get used to it. The future of the 1,200-odd houseboats, which have been a part of the famous water body in the heart of Srinagar for more than a century now, is under threat.

Govrnor sets March 09 deadline for
Srinagar sewerage project

SRINAGAR, July 21: Governor, N N Vohra, today set a deadline of March 2009 for completion of the mega Drainage and Sewerage Project for the Srinagar City and called for establishing a Task Force to ensure round the clock work on the scheme.