This advisory on tariff structure for urban water supply and sewerage services is an effort to provide guidance to states and cities in adopting suitable water/sewerage tariff so as to recover 100% cost to meet at least O&M requirements to begin with. This will improve the service delivery to the customers in water and sewerage sector.

New Delhi: Authorities now face a jail term of five years for hazardous cleaning of septic tanks and sewers.

The Delhi Cabinet on Monday put on track a plan to redesign and upgrade the city’s drainage network that has not grown since it was first built nearly three decades ago.

The Sheila Dikshit Government is all set to appoint Professor AK Gosain, Head of the Civil Engineering Department, as consulting-in-charge on behalf of the Industrial Research and Development Unit

New Delhi: Despite various guidelines issued by the Delhi high court and Supreme Court for protection of sewage cleaners, incidents of sewer deaths continue to multiply.

In a bid to bring in uniformity in water charges collected, as well as in the accounting systems in the expanded areas of the city, Chennai Metrowater will soon appoint a consultancy firm. The chosen firm will also identify and evaluate infrastructure and study the facilities available in the added areas. Metrowater has entrusted this work to the Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Limited.

The 42 local bodies that were merged with the Chennai Corporation recently, have different rates of monthly water charges collected from residents, as well as different systems of accounting for these charges.

New Delhi: Municipal corporation or state officials could face two years in jail or Rs 2 lakh fine for the familiar sight of bare torsos plumbing the depths of sewer tanks to clean the muck with th

New Delhi: While the Central government is working on strengthening the existing Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrine Prohibition Act,1993, seeking to ensure rehabilitati

India’s burgeoning cities and interventionist policies have aggravated the threat from natural disasters, the World Bank and United Nations said on Thursday.

New Delhi: Consumers who do not have a Delhi Jal Board (DJB) connection, but discharge their sewage into its system, will now have to pay sewage charges.
The body took this decision at its board meeting on Thursday.

It has also extended its rebate scheme on payment of arrears to March 31, 2011.