CHENNAI: The State will convey its objections to the Centre on the Mullaperiyar dam survey issue, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said here on Monday.

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In 1979, the possibility of building a new dam was checked and rejected, due to geological factors

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New Delhi, Sept. 16: The government on Wednesday gave approval to conduct survey and investigation at the Mullaperiyar dam premises in Kerala to study the environmental effects of building a new dam there.

He talks between the Tamil Nadu and Kerala government which was initiated by the Centre on the Mullaiperiyar dam issue at the national capital resulted in a stalemate.

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NEW DELHI: Kerala on Friday refused to relent to the Centre

May 26, 2009 was the darkest day for people living in the Darjeeling hills. Cyclone Aila struck with fury. Around 27 people died and hundreds were left homeless. Landslides ripped homes, electricity connections snapped and roads were left in tatters.

June 24: Water resources minister N.K. Premachandran reiterated on Wednesday that the 100-year-old Mullaperiyar dam on the border with Tamil Nadu was in a highly critical state.

An expert committee which examined the dam two weeks ago had concluded that there were many leaks in it and that its structure was weak, said the minister, while answering questions in the Assembly.

Shoddy construction, unqualified workers and embezzlement of funds are threatening the safety of several dams on China

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The expert committee appointed by the State Government to inspect the Mullaperiyar Dam has recommended that the permanent solution to the problem is the construction of a new dam, since the existing structure is showing signs of damages.