Twenty nine workers were killed in a landslide at the Tehri dam. The contractor building the dam has blamed the weak mountains for the incident. Many experts agree that the mountains of the region are fragile. The dam will have a huge reservoir that wou

Is the recent incident at the dam site an indication of things to come?

July 29 was a black day for those residents of the old Tehri town who had decided to remain back. At around 2 pm, the water in the lake surrounding the almost empty town rose and entered their homes.

Experts have given conflicting reports on the Tehri dam

The Kantale Dam in Sri Lanka, which burst in 1986 causing large-scale destruction to lives, livestock and crops, is once more in danger of collapsing. This is because authorities have ignored

To halt dam linked dislocation

The beginning of submergence of Tehri also marked the drowning of anti dam sentiments. Any strong protest was conspicuous by its absence. Does this signal the end of the three decade old movement?

Is the VHP calling the shots as far as the fate of the Tehri dam is concerned?

The response of the people of Gujarat to the state government's efforts to involve people to build their own check dams produced several exciting experiences. The government used methods adopted by

A recent report of the World Commission on Dams ( wcd ) has stated that certain dam projects envisaged for Lesotho and Uganda will prove to be very harmful to the environment. The wcd is an