Is the VHP calling the shots as far as the fate of the Tehri dam is concerned?

The response of the people of Gujarat to the state government's efforts to involve people to build their own check dams produced several exciting experiences. The government used methods adopted by

A recent report of the World Commission on Dams ( wcd ) has stated that certain dam projects envisaged for Lesotho and Uganda will prove to be very harmful to the environment. The wcd is an

The Supreme Court has directed the Union government and the state governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu to file replies on the outcome of a meeting organised to discuss the safety aspect of the Mullai

Porto Privamera Dam, which is under construction for the last 20 years, may soon be commissioned. The dam will have serious environmental and social implications as it is being commissioned

The Kerala High Court has issued notices to the Central government and the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu on a petition seeking a direction to the Union government not to increase the water

A crack has appeared on the mountainface forming part of the Tehri dam reservoir. Will such cracks effect the dam project in case of seismic activity? How safe is the site? How serious are the implications?

a part of the land adjoining the Tehri dam area is sinking gradually and a

this book could not have come at a more opportune time when the Narmada and Sardar Sarovar debate is high on the priority list of the nation and the general issue of development versus displacement

China continues with the world s most environmentally unsound dam project