Damn this chicanery. Prime Minister Narasimha Rao has firmly rejected the demand by opponents of the Tehri dam for an independent review of the controversial project. With a media anaesthetised by

Nepal's controversial Arun III dam becomes the first World Bank bankrolled project taken up for re scrutiny by the Bank's new Inspection Panel an ombudsman body with teeth

On January 16, 1994, 2 human rights activists, Gopal Siwakoti and Rajesh Gautam filed a public interest petition in the Supreme Court under Article 16 of the Constitution which recognises the right

• Over 60 per cent of the catchment area of the Arun river falls in Tibet; little is known about the hydrological behaviour of the river in this part. • inadequate study of the

"India would need power by the time Arun III dam stal1$; producing electricity," said Nepal's Prime Minister Man Mohan Adhikary in response to a question by Down To Earth during his visit to

LOCATION On the Arun river in Sankhuwasabha district,about 200 km east of Kathmandu TOTAL POTENTIAL OF THE ARUN BASIN 1,045 mw

The grandiose Bakun dam project (Down To Earth, Vol 3, No 4) in Borneo is once again in the thick of a mess of its own making. In late April, the Malaysian government's department of

A proposed power generation project in Laos has become the target of environmentalists ire