Nepal's controversial Arun III dam becomes the first World Bank bankrolled project taken up for re scrutiny by the Bank's new Inspection Panel an ombudsman body with teeth

Delhi is bursting at the seams from the pressures of rampant urbanisation. Everything that can possibly go wrong in this metro of 10 million people seems to have already gone wrong. The water, land and air everything seems to have been fouled up, the re

Self reliance and export prospects have contributed to the rapid growth of the Indian chemical industry. But the distaff side of the boom is the gigantic quantities of harmful byproducts: noxious wastes, dumped irresponsibly anywhere you can find some unm

It is getting imperative for green dreamers to marshal together their facts and place hair tearing emotion on the backburner

The clarion call of open markets could override the North's 'insistence' on linking trade with human rights and environmental issues

Industrialists in Agra and Firozabad are in a tizzy about the Supreme Court's order to close down more than 200 polluting industrial units near the Taj Mahal.

The killer quake struck unexpectedli in the still of the night. Entire villages were flattened and thousands perished. Though rescue and relief were prompt, they were uncoordinated. And, several people just stood around watching

Unless better management strategies are evolved, water scarcity in the country will only be accentuated by growing industrial and municipal demands.

An Udaipur NGO has been summoned to court because a community hall it helped the residents of Vasu village set up allegedly encroaches on government land

Promotion of water guzzling crops like rice is leading to maximum utilisation of river waters in India. The Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is probably the first of such problems that lie ahead