Increasing urbanisation and the accompanying changes in land-use patterns are leading to a silent crisis through the destruction of ecosystems and the services they provide to support the poor, as well as affecting the resilience of urban areas.

India will commence price negotiations with Japan for export of iron ore by National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) in the next few weeks, with the iron ore miner recently receiving the dra

Indeed, the finance secretary is right when he says that too much of stimulus is injurious to health, but withdrawing medication when the patient is still recovering could prove fatal, says Amit Mitra

This report, to support the implementation of UNDP's India country Programme Action Plan 2008-2012, is based on an assessment study on climate change adaptation activities in the country.

Despair and devastation stare India"s artisans in their face, as resource crunch, modern civilisation and government apathy combine in an onslaught on their teetering citadels. Down To Earth presents an exhaustive analysis

The first tremors of ego clashes have rattled the anti Tehri dam movement

Flowers may wither, but not their importance in the cultures of most countries

The birth pangs of development have been faced so far by the downtrodden, but things need to change soon

A recent workshop reveals that the rehabilitation of the 1993 Marathwada earthquake victims was a bloody farce

The experience of a Kenyan community contradicts a traditional theory that population and development are inversely proportional