A unique fishing cooperative that salvaged the wetlands leased to them by the Calcutta Port Trust has successfully fought off attempts to repossess the land for building projects

Villagers near Calcutta contend they have been unfairly done out of their land by a private thermal power plant project

For centuries, the Iban tribals of Malaysia have cultivated crops by clearing trees, but without endangering the rainforests. At the centre of their practices are traditional rights that each generation inherits.

West Bengal is making what could be another step towards village self rule, where villagers, including women, will decide what is best for them, but hunger for power and male hegemony may set things back.

Campaigns by women have been successful in curbing alcoholism among their menfolk in Manipur and Andhra Pradesh, but similar efforts have failed in Haryana and drinking there has increased.

The potato, native to South America, invaded England in 1588, the year Elizabeth I's devil may care sea dogs vanquished the Spanish Armada. It has since spread throughout the world, leaving its most edible mark on various cuisines.

ZAFRULLAH Chowdhury draws inspiration as much from Hippocrates as from Mao Zedong. To the first, he owes his medical ideals and to the second, his taking up a rifle to fight in Bangladesh's war of liberation in 1971.

Bangladesh owes a lot to Ch

About 11 million people in Orissa and Bihar have become victims of a famine that has occurred despite adequate food stocks in the country.

Through the centuries, Indians have evolved several novel ways to protest injustice. Many are still practised in India and some have even been adopted abroad.

The government's employment generation schemes, laudable though they may be, have yet to achieve their goals. Not involving intended beneficiaries is cited as a major reason for their failure.