THE Chinese government, on the face of it: the saga of a mere mortal whose ideas on democracy and free speech exposed a state at its Draconian best begins on February 28, 1989. A book, condemning

The title would cause non-scientists to groan, "Not another harangue on equity..." Scientists might dismiss it as a bit of hackery -- how could anyone be preposterous enough to say that equity is

The Indian Ocean's boat building and navigational techniques, though largely ignored, have survived over thousands of years

A Pune teacher develops a calculator made out of cardboard for as little as Rs 15, which can even handle mindbending logarithms.

DID CHARLES Darwin see evolution as "progressive", as being singlemindedly directed toward producing ever more advanced forms of life? Most contemporary scholars say no. But in this daring challenge

Authorities of a wildlife sanctuary propose to curb the menace of rampaging wild boars by providing affected villagers with, among other things, volleyball and television sets.

Recent studies have brought to light the science behind traditional herbal medicinal systems.

In Karnataka's Kodagu district, a group of people battling timber traders trying to exploit their region's virgin forests has earned the wrath of politicians and bureaucrats

The Nuer tribals of Sudan settled their disputes in more organised and effective a manner than modern societies

Promotion of water guzzling crops like rice is leading to maximum utilisation of river waters in India. The Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is probably the first of such problems that lie ahead