Longer summers and erratic rainfall in Tamil Nadu have raised doubts over whether the state is experiencing impacts of climate change.

Promotion of water guzzling crops like rice is leading to maximum utilisation of river waters in India. The Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is probably the first of such problems that lie ahead

Scientists in Madras gave come up with a vaccine that would help leash a viral disease that impairs the egg laying ability of hens, and is often fatal.

Institutional support helped rehabilitate the Irulas of Tamil Nadu after their traditional occupation of snake catching was outlawed.

A noon meal food supplement consisting of a blue green algae was provided to schoolchildren on a trial basis in Pudukottai district, with dramatic results in terms of weight gain and resistance to ailments.

Crocodiles today abound in captive breeding centres in India. But the government still applies to them a protection law that was relevant two decades ago when they were an endangered species.

Tissue culture can change the face of agriculture, asserts Ajit Thomas, who heads a firm that has gone in a big way for biotechnology in the cultivation of plants and flowers.

Voluntary groups in Madras are taking up the onus of increasing AIDS awareness among various groups including students, blue collar workers and truck drivers

Scientists insist bats are a muck maligned bats mammal that in fact plays a crucial role in the propagation of several plant species

Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha Jayaram's self boosting extravaganza in Madurai has cost the nation an estimated 40,000 litres of precious diesel besides other less easily computable natural resources such as wood for posters, cutouts and barricades