Academics from the School of Art & Design have teamed up with colleagues from the ANU Climate Change Institute on a design project, which takes existing data and communicates the impacts of cli

UTTARKASHI: For those planning a trek or climb in the Garhwal Himalayas, a not-so-good news.

Kenya's Tana River Basin is expected to see a 43 percent increase in rainfall due to climate change, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) said on Tuesday.

No significant snowfall has been recorded in the Himalayan region this year

Kenyans on Tuesday evening took to social media to celebrate a rare case of snow falling in the East African country.

April is the hottest month in the South-east Asian year, and this year it has broken all records.

In Uganda, changing weather conditions such as gale-force winds and heavy rainfall are causing an increase in power outages in certain parts of the country.

In what appears to be an outcome of changing weather conditions, the pattern of allergies affecting people is showing a new trend in the city.

Small Pacific island states could be hit by more tropical cyclones during future El Nino weather patterns due to climate change, scientists said on Tuesday.

Food security of India and several other major key food producing countries are threatened by changing weather patterns due to warming of the oceans, which may well be the “greatest” hidden challen