Emerging data on leopard populations in unprotected regions of South Africa shows that populations are falling fast due to illegal killing, and that the reintroduction of legal trophy hunting in th

An academic study has found that traffic pollution can put you through the same level of trauma as going through a divorce.

The UK will commit £450m ($563.5m) towards tackling the world's most infectious tropical diseases, such as Guinea worm disease and elephantiasis.

Graphene has been used to turn seawater into clean drinking water.

A study in the journal Nature has traced the emissions associated with international trade – linking demand in one region to production in another, to the pollution arising from the production, and

Dozens of Spiny Devils have been captured by villagers in the Changara District, Tete province, where lack of food and access to clean water are already threatening the lives of many.

Developments in electronic tagging and tracking have revolutionised the way wildlife is studied and improved conservation strategies.

An invasive pest known as the armyworm is rapidly spreading in the African continent, destroying maize crops.

In Brazil, more than one woman out of two may be postponing pregnancy in response to the Zika outbreak, researchers have said.

An earthquake has struck Nepal, which suffered massive devastation in a 7.8 magnitude tremor in April last year.