Last month was the hottest June on record worldwide by a wide margin, Japan Meteorological Agency said, increasing the likelihood that 2015 will also be the warmest.

YESTERDAY was Shanghai’s coldest July day for 112 years, with the mercury topping out at just 21.2 degrees Celsius at the benchmark Xujiahui weather station, according to the city’s metrological bu

Britain experienced its hottest July day for 160 years on Wednesday as temperatures hit 36.7 degrees, surpassing even Mumbai in India.

Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan has called for making country’s agriculture sector adapt to changing weather patterns caused by global warming.

Hundreds of farmers in Tanzania are abandoning crops of coffee and cotton due to changes in the local climate.

Sea ice around Antarctica is currently at record levels for May, part of a trend of increasing ice around the frozen continent making it harder to resupply and refuel research stations.

It's March. It's freezing. And there's half a foot of snow on the ground. When is this winter going to end?

Scientists are learning a bit more about abrupt climate shifts.

El Nino has failed again to arrive, and past performance says the odds are dwindling for the phenomenon that warms the equatorial Pacific and changes weather patterns around the world.

Farmers badly affected by changing weather patterns in South Asia now have the opportunity to improve food security by planting new varieties of rice capable of withstanding the impact of both seve