A "loss of resilience" among Australia's native animals has ecologists on alert ahead of what is forecast to be a long, hot summer.

Had nature been left to take its course much of the Netherlands would be a muddy swamp and the tiny coastal nation would never have risen to be the eurozone’s fifth largest economy.

Says El Nino weather pattern has strengthened over the last two weeks

July smashed global records for warmth, beating all 1627 previous months since 1880, as a monster El Nino in the Pacific combined with background climate change, US scientists said.

Climate change has aggravated California's devastating drought, causing between 8 and 27 percent of the dry conditions afflicting the nation's most populous state, a study released on Thursday has

Did you know that a butterfly simply flapping its wings can change the course of weather patterns?

Longer summers and erratic rainfall in Tamil Nadu have raised doubts over whether the state is experiencing impacts of climate change.

Mankind may be responsible for something we long thought out of our control: the changing of the seasons, according to a new study by Chinese and Canadian scientists.

Parts of the Sydney region have shivered through another sub-zero morning with the city on track to record its chilliest July in 17 years in a month that is often marked by frequent cold fronts.

The El Nino continues to strengthen in the Pacific, exceeding by at least one measure the monster event of 1997-98, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.