The tropics, home to many of the world's poorest nations, will be hard hit by global warming even at the lower end of the Paris climate goals, exacerbating inequality and worsening stresses on huma

Sydney's record-breaking weather juggernaut rolls on, with summer confirmed as the city's hottest for both days and nights over records stretching back 157 years.

Taronga Zoo's proposal to build a four to five storey "eco resort" on its plum harbourside site has been slammed as a thinly disguised development bid pitched at wealthy visitors to Sydney.

Inside the carbon crystal is an imperfection - a deposit of minerals jam-packed with hydroxl ions, that almost always come from water.

Australia's marine environment - already beset by coral bleaching and kelp forest dieback - could face further pressures if the federal government acts on recommendations to wind back protection, g

Baghdad: Record-shattering temperatures this summer have scorched countries from Morocco to Saudi Arabia and beyond, as climate experts warn that the severe weather could be a harbinger of worse to

Air pollution would cause the deaths of at least 2500 people across Sydney and Melbourne in the year 2030 even if the federal government swiftly clamped down on poisonous car fuels, a government-co

In restaurants and supermarkets, bread wheat reigns supreme and quinoa is the superfood du jour. But plant scientists want to re-introduce ancient grains einkorn, emmer and spelt.

Australia has posted its hottest autumn on record, with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane among the cities to post their warmest temperatures for the season, as the giant El Nino in the Pacific wound

After a year of driving global temperatures to unprecedented warmth, the giant El Nino weather event in the Pacific is officially over, raising hopes that drought-hit regions may be in for some rel