Dakar: The European and Chinese timber trade with Central African Republic has been funding armed groups on both sides of a conflict simmering since 2013, the anti-corruption group Global Witness s

A major pilot project by Europe's largest power network operator to integrate power from rooftop solar panels into the grid has shown that battery storage of renewable energy is not yet economicall

It's a great time to be a weather watcher if extremes or unusual events get your pulse running.

That's the subject of intense research around the world, as scientists try to predict how increasing levels of greenhouse gases – and the additional heat they trap from the sun – will alter the cli

Australia has slashed forecast production levels for wheat, cotton and other agricultural commodities in 2015-16 as the El Nino weather phenomenon grips the country and dries out farmland.

Police and soldiers hunted down wild animals, including lions, tigers and bears after they escaped a zoo in devastating floods that struck Georgia's capital overnight.

Jakarta: One of the world's largest manufacturers of pulp and paper in Indonesia has announced it will immediately stop logging in all natural forests.

A warming planet is already stoking the intensity of tropical cylones in the north-west Pacific and their ferocity will continue to increase even with moderate climate change over this century, an

A national study by the Salvation Army has revealed shocking rates of poverty with survey participants surviving on an average of less than $18 a day, after covering housing costs.

Releasing balloons en masse into the sky to mark funerals and other ceremonies is killing birds, say scientists who have called for the practice to be banned.