WMA expresses alarm following measles outbreak.

This paper investigates the potential for developing countries to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions without slowing their expected economic growth.

Armenia and Georgia are taking the climate change agenda seriously and contributing to efforts for mitigating global climate change through various ways, including preparation of low-carbon development strategies for their future economic growth.

This publication gives an overview of “Strengthened Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Asia and the Caucasus through greater fostering of the Hyogo Framework for Action priorities” activities in eight project cities of Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The governments of the Philippines and Republic of Georgia signed yesterday a friendship and cooperation agreement for the conservation of biodiversity and management of protected areas between the

Police and soldiers hunted down wild animals, including lions, tigers and bears after they escaped a zoo in devastating floods that struck Georgia's capital overnight.

Solar electric power would become far more accessible to Georgia homeowners under a bill approved by state lawmakers on Friday, making it easier to lease solar equipment and then sell the power gen

Public confidence in vaccination is vital to the success of immunisation programmes worldwide. Understanding the dynamics of vaccine confidence is therefore of great importance for global public health. Few published studies permit global comparisons of vaccination sentiments and behaviours against a common metric. This article presents the findings of a multi-country survey of confidence in vaccines and immunisation programmes in Georgia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom (UK) – these being the first results of a larger project to map vaccine confidence globally.

Georgia Power Co., the largest U.S. utility company owned by Southern Co., will build and operate three 30-megawatt solar projects at U.S. Army bases in Georgia.

Nine countries in the Black Sea region and southeast Europe agreed on Thursday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in large power plants and oil refineries by 2027 as part of plans to forge closer t