China lodges diplomatic protest after court issues harsh punishments in crackdown on illegal timber trade along border

Climate change is making it more difficult for young people in south-east Asia to find a job, according to a report by Plan International). Livelihoods in countries such as Indonesia, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam are dependent on ocean and coastal environments for food, building materials and medicine.

Alittle girl balances a bag of donated rice on her head as she begs for her family of eight. Other children play in fetid, trash-clogged pools of water.

There are only 35 rhinos left in one wild population, and none in captivity. But conservationists hope they can increase the numbers of what is possibly the rarest large mammal on Earth

The Burmese government has said that 85,000 people have been driven from their homes by heavy flooding.

The spurt in tiger poaching in India is being directly attributed to the increasing demand of tiger parts especially in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia.

India has been vociferous in demanding that both China and Vietnam end all tiger farming as these are known to be fronts for a thriving illegal market in tiger parts. Vietnam has 11 registered tiger farms while China has 20 large farms, which are breeding nearly 5,000 tigers in captivity. The US also has an estimated 5,000 tigers in captivity (owned largely by individuals) and it is well known that captive tigers are easy targets for black market sales.

A tsunami warning was issued yesterday by the Disaster Management Center for coastal areas in Sri Lanka as an earthquake of the magnitude of 8.6 on the Richter scale struck the west coast of Northe

Residents living near a coal-fired thermal power plant project in southernmost Burma are growing more concerned over health issues associated with the power plant, which could begin operations in A

Burma’s authoritarian government has suspended the construction of a $3.6bn Chinese-backed hydroelectric dam in what is being seen as a conciliatory gesture to its opponents and possibly the most v

Burma has extensive biodiversity and abundant natural resources, which have in recent years been threatened by militarization, large-scale resource extraction, and infrastructure development.