Over the past months, as the world has sought desperately to deal both with the medical impacts of the virus and to prepare a response to its many secondary effects, research on COVID-19 has accelerated.

This guide provides targeted inputs to ensure continuity of learning during school closures, and comprehensive, timely and evidence-based plans for reopening schools in a way that is safe, gender-responsive and child-friendly, and meets the needs of the most marginalised girls.

While COVID-19 originated as a health emergency, its impact on food security is also providing fertile ground for a protection crisis in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable, especially girls.

Climate change is making it more difficult for young people in south-east Asia to find a job, according to a report by Plan International). Livelihoods in countries such as Indonesia, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam are dependent on ocean and coastal environments for food, building materials and medicine.

This "child-friendly" climate change report considers the vital role children play in community disaster risk reduction activities in Asia.