India’s tiger reserves have been witness to devastating forest fires many of which have been triggered by the timber lobby mafia.

The ministry of environment finds itself in an embarrassing situation with its own 11-member expert panel, led by Ravi Chopra, questioning how the Lakhwar-Vyasi hydro-project was given clearance in

With just eight days left for the present UPA-2 government, the question being asked is why is urban development minister Kamal Nath pushing for the Aravalis to be declared a Natural Conservation Z

A war of words appears to be brewing between Gujarat billionaire Gautam Adani, who heads the Adani Group, and environmentalists over the business tycoon’s assertion that not a single acre of land h

CAG has castigated the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) for widespread mismanagement and corruption.

Prof. N.H.

A crucial gram sabha is being organised by the local tribal population to decide the fate of the Mahan forests in Madhya Pradesh.

“The cost of the Fukushima disaster has been conservatively estimated at $250 billion. The cap being placed by the Indian government on the nuclear power suppliers (in case of an accident) is `1,500 crore. It’s not even one is to 10,000 — if a nuclear disaster were to take place,” said Mr Bhushan, speaking on the need of stringent safety and unlimited nuclear liability at a press meet organised by Greenpeace.

The Aravalli Hills extending across Haryana is all set to be “privatised”. The Revised Regional Plan 2021 will allow tourism activity to take place in the world’s oldest mountain range.

Environmentalists have slammed finance minister P. Chidambaram’s decision to cut taxes on cars, with the fuel-guzzling SUVs enjoying the biggest slash.