Dengue poses a substantial economic and disease burden in Southeast Asia (SEA). Quantifying this burden is critical to set policy priorities and disease-control strategies.

China has begun building sewage and waste disposal facilities on a disputed South China Sea island, state media said on Monday, a move likely to stoke a growing territorial row with its neighbours.

The reported crash of wildlife populations in the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya is the most well-publicised example of a crisis that’s unfolding throughout East Africa.


Shifting the focus of oil diplomacy to ``Look East Policy'', India on Wednesday sought to strike deals with Brunei, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia for long term supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the aim to double the LNG re-gassification capacity by 2016.

Southeast Asia is a region of enormous social, economic, and political diversity, both across and within countries, shaped by its history, geography, and position as a major crossroad of trade and the movement of goods and services.

Fire plays important role in shaping ecosystem structure and function. Depending upon the complex effects of fire, it can have either beneficial or harmful effects. In this article, we briefly review the potential of satellite remote sensing data for mapping and monitoring vegetation fires.

Brunei National Petroleum Co. has signed a deal with two major Japanese companies to form a methanol transport firm to support the first petrochemical plant in the oil rich kingdom, according to reports Saturday from Brunei. The Japanese companies, Kokuka Sangyo, which is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., and trading giant Itochu Corp. signed the agreement Friday with PB Logistics, a subsidiary of Brunei National Petroleum in Brunei.

Japanese firms sign deal for Brunei methanol transport project Saturday 12th April, 06:03 PM JST SINGAPORE

Five southeast Asian countries have recently endorsed a joint plan of action to fight the haze caused by Indonesian forest fires. The haze was at its worse this season, leading to the closure of