Tokyo: The Japanese government will start full-fledged discussions in next fiscal year on the development of an expendable small observation satellite, which could be launched immediately in such e

The biggest state in America, home to more ocean coastline than all others combined, has just set another record. This one, however, is nothing to cheer.

The powerful beverages industry offered to display anti-littering messages on its trucks and spend $3.5 million a year on NSW recycling programs in a bid to kybosh the government's plans for a cash

If so, you may be comforted to know that climate scientists predict a lot fewer such events for eastern Australia as the century unfolds.

Australian businesses want the Abbott government to set tougher emissions reduction targets and fear the country's economy will suffer if it does not move away from fossil-fuel intensive industries

Nicko Lunardi, from Newport, is wearing a black T-shirt with two skulls on it. He is 27 years old, an electrician, and a drummer in two punk bands.

Oceans in the southern hemisphere are warming faster than anticipated, with implications for rising sea levels and climate modelling.

Record temperatures in Australia in 2013 were almost certainly caused by man-made climate change, five separate studies have found.

On bad days, students are asked to stay indoors at school and plumes of dust hover above the streets.

The business case for Canberra's light rail line to Gungahlin has received the government's final approval, the project set to cost up to $783 million.