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• 30 Number of Indian cities where private sector and MNCs have been roped in by civic bodies to manage the water supply.

When you hear about Latur, you remember earthquakes, drought, and disaster. But making beauty out of ashes is what the Kalpakala Industry deserves credit for. Over the last three decades, the ubiquitous handmade paper has seen a flourishing business in La

Three months after Gujarat was flattened by an earthquake, the state government goes in for a relocation plan to satisfy the builder s lobby

Latur earthquake victims being given false promises

A recent workshop reveals that the rehabilitation of the 1993 Marathwada earthquake victims was a bloody farce

SUDDENLY, everything was gone: home and hearth, families and friends. The earth had danced a tarantella. And thousands in Marathwada joined the army of the living dead. How much time is enough to

A MAJOR disaster is not enough. It takes censure and orders from the courts to shake the somnolent bureaucracy into action. The still-traumatised Marathwada quake victims have created history by

While the Marathwada quake victims waited for succour, lucre and its distribution ensnared the NGOs, the voluble critics of government's callous habits, in attritious squabblings. S Parasuraman's

The plan to rehabilitate the victims of the devastating earthquake that shook Latur last year ignores the needs of the villagers and introduces alien construction techniques

WITH LATUR so fresh in the mind, it is with a sense of trepidation that one picks up B V Raman's book. While scientists would obviously scoff at astrology, B V Raman argues convincingly that