Indian Environmentalists have ex pressed alarm over the new budget of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's govern ment, which they say heralds substantial cuts in environermental programmes and fails to

About 900 doctors from all over the country attended the seventh National Holistic Health Conference which opened here on June 17. The conference was held in Gyan Sarovar, one of the country's

Beyond all that glittering in the congested streets of Calcutta's sex districts, is defiled environment and morbid health conditions

There is growing evidence that the recent outbreak of the malaria (plasmodium falciparum) epidemic in Calcutta is related to the clogged drainage system of the city. And this is because the state

Reduced to filthy, foul smelling cesspools, with mosquito larvae arawing their lazy, intricate patterns on the green surfaces, the same takes and tanks in urban areas draw a passerby's game is when purple hyacinths bloom and disguise their filth. O

Aided by officialdom and politicos, polluting industries seem well cushioned against thunderous court orders

Scientists at Maida's polytechnic college are r6versing the trend of rural upliftment through urban basgd planning

Flowers may wither, but not their importance in the cultures of most countries

Calcutta comes up with the "most efficient and ecologically benign method" of re using municipal waste and sewage