Amphibians in India are besieged by numerous threats

Darjeeling s Tiger Hill whines under ecological pressure

Production of organic tea in Darjeeling is increasing as consumers in the West refuse to import tea with pesticide residues

Organic tea cultivation is fast emerging as an alternate source of income for small and marginal farmers in the Darjeeling hills. The founder of the locally based Specialised Agri

- Hill track journey cut short for second time in four days
Darjeeling, March 29: The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway continues to be hit by disruptions. The Unesco World Heritage property ran out of steam once again today because of poor quality of coal.

Darjeeling: The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has run out of steam once more.

The Darjeeling-Ghoom-Darjeeling joyride of the DHR, one of the biggest attractions for tourists visiting the hills, has been cancelled since Saturday because of scarcity of coal.

Furore over the transfer of a snow leopard from the City Forest National Park in Srinagar to Darjeeling