DTE sought the comments of legal luminaries and journalists on some issues that emerged out of this analysis. The individuals whose opinions appear here are P N Baghwati, former Chief Justice of India, A M Singhvi, additional solicitor general of India; R

Significant environmental decisions were taken by the Supreme Court SC in 1996

Vatavaran, a Delhi based NGO, points out the ongoing decimation of the ridge

Ancient traditions hold the key to sustainable management of natural resources

• The need to check poaching of migratory birds at the Pong sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh has recently been stressed upon by a forest officer who has conducted a six-year-long study in the area.

Tell your elected representatives that before pollution leads to your premature death you will ensure the premature deaths of their political careers

search for a substitute: To ascertain the viability of propane as an

a brief reprieve: Even as 168 polluting units in Delhi had to lock up on November 30 as per the SC's orders, the court allowed the state government to consider extending the deadline of December

Experts agree that the main inherent problem in the issue of the relocation of industries from Delhi is the failure of government officials to implement the relevant laws which prohibit setting up of

Botanists have finally succeeded in revegetating the Bhatti mine region