International cooperation is needed to stop developed nations simply offloading defunct electronics on developing countries, argue Zhaohua Wang, Bin Zhang and Dabo Guan.

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Authorities impose stringent regulations on workshops whose activities damage the ecosystem, report Zheng Jinran in Beijing and Qiu Quanlin in Shantou, Guangdong province.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on E-Waste, 19/07/2016. The country’s economic growth with rise in per capita income and technological innovations coupled with high obsolescence rate of electronic and electrical equipments are leading to increase in the rate of generation of e-waste.

e-waste, considered hazardous, is fast becoming a goldmine for educational institutions in the district, as they are making a steady income out of it, thanks to a novel programme launched by the St

The country is expected to generate US$100m on the average annually, following the approval of the Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management Bill, 2016, by Parliament; which will provid

e-waste, considered a menace to the nature and society alike, may soon assume life-saving qualities if a novel project introduced by Piravom municipality gets adopted across the State.

Nishant Jain explains his initiative to other students

It can be toxic and hazardous to health. Yet, only a fraction of India's e-waste is recycled, making the country its fifth largest generator in the world.

Ever wondered what finally happens to your electronic waste?

Odisha State Pollution Control Board has directed producers of electrical and electronic equipments to collect ‘end-to-life’ electronic items and channelize those to authorized dismantlers or recyc