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The micro-vision of the lecturers of the Community Polytechnique Cell, Malcla, with the village as the focal centre, is supplemented with their district level concerns. They are especially

Adivasis draft an alternative forest bill and a rehabilitation policy to safeguard India's forests

PAPER is important, but so are forests. The proposal of the ministry for environment and forests to allow the paper industry to establish captive plantations on degraded forest lands, has provoked angry reactions from environmentalists. Many academics a

A workshop in Nepal on community forest use brings to the fore environmental gains of the concept

No, no and no again. At a meeting organised by Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (cse) on July 7, environmentalists firmly rejected the proposal of the ministry of environment and

The Chilean government is in the line of fire. It is being accused by local environmentalist groups of hold- ing up a private project aimed to save a vast tract of the virgin rainforests, only

The world over, the pockets where the poor live are used as environmental dumps. PAUL WAPNER debates the environmental ethics of International politics

The salient features of the new government scheme which would allow paper plantations to stay on degraded forests are: • The selection of the project area shall be done jointly by the

The area under forest cover in India has been a subject of controversy and intense debate between the Forest Department anf the environmental groups and researchers. As more and more remote sensing

Language errors can definitely pose problems, as villagers of 5 districts in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra will testify. The misinterpretation of 2 Marathi words Zudpi Jungle in the records of