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City based perceptions of forest areas have resulted in an overgrowth of wrong categories

K Bikram Singh will soon be relating another tale about the regeneration of barren land in his new film. He has earlier made two films on the same subject: Rebirth and Jhilmil.

The Sri Lankan forestry industry is in for a massive improvement with tIle Asian Development Bank approving a $60 million loan and $400,000 technical assistance granrecently. The grants will help

A shaman delves into the glorious past and predicts a deathly future

Film director Ashish Chandol was in Bandhavgarh with his camera to capture the natural history of the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh. What he found difficult to ignore were the

The third gold rush is threatening to relic the last of Amazon's indigenous people

Aquatic weeds need no longer be just a nuisance. Kaiser Jamil, a scientist from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, reports that weeds such as water hyacinth can remove toxic

THE Swedes, known to have a scalpedearth policy for a long time, have now come up with a ecologically sound way of logging which is also profitable. Earlier, the woodcutters used to bare almost

The special committee of ministejrs appointed to take care of the Ministry of environment and forests' (MEF) proposal to provide 2.5 million hectares of degraded forest lands to the paper

The Central government's recent announcement that an action plan has been formulated to safeguard the pristine forests in the north-east -- in collaboration with the states of the region -- has not