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Singapore's leading newspaper said on Wednesday Southeast Asian governments should accept no excuses from Indonesia for fires threatening to engulf the region in smog. In a bluntly-worded editiorial

Acknowledging that El Nino weather patterns would prolong the dry season in Southeast Asia, environment ministers on Wednesday urged Indonesia and Malaysia to quickly deal with haze from forest

Indonesia will begin cloud-seeding operations over East Kalimantan from today. They hope to douse the forest fires currently affecting some 4,000ha in the

With a view to protecting the sandalwood wealth in the State and involve the local tribals in the process, the State Forest Department has employed nearly 60 tribal men and women as watchers on a

After coming in for heavy criticism for financial irregularities, teak plantation companies are under fire from forestry experts who have dismissed their claims as being grossly exaggerated. A report

In a bid to appease the powerful sandalwood exporters lobby, the Union Government has more than tripled the quota of sandalwood oil for export from five metric tonnes(mt) in 1996-97 to 16.5 mt in

In Dunedin, New Zealand, loggers have moved into an important and scenic block of Maori-owned native forest in the Catlins in south Otago and are trucking the wood to Dunedin for firewood. Department

About 1,000 forest fires were burning in Indonesia's East Kalimanthan province on Tuesday, heightening fears that South-East Asia could be choked by a haze disaster as bad as last year.

The Arunachal Pradesh State Government has formulated an ambitious forest-based project with an outlay of Rs. 300 crores, according to official

The Arunachal Pradesh government has formulated an ambitious forest based project with the outlay of Rs 300 crores, official sources said.The department of forest and environment would execute the