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Neem, a source of pesticides, is itself under threat from a new fungus. The agricultural scientists in Mysore have identified a new fungal species that is destroying Neem (Azadirachta indica) trees

Environment and forest Ministry have issued notification to constitute a special Task Force Body for the estimation of loss incurred to the forest wealth of state as a cause of forest disease

The Brazillian congress voted to give the federal environmental agency legal authority to enforce environmental protection laws, two days after Government figures showed destruction of the Amazon

In a move to empower American architects to help protect one of the most important ancient forests remaining in North America while decreasing toxic chemicals in our environment, Greenpeace reached

These are the best and worst of times for grassroots environmentalists in China. Just ask Xi Zhinong. The 33 year old government photographer learned in 1995 that a small county in Yunnan province

SC 'axe' on erring officials: The Supreme Court, in its recent judgement regarding the felling and transportation of timber, has come down hard on erring forest officials instrumental in the illegal

Despite measures teken by the authorities, a sizable stretch of forest land spread over an 20,000 hectares on Khadar area (low-lying) near the banks of the Ganga river and its other tributaries in

LG : LT Governor Tejinder Khanna has refused to grant the Delhi Vidyut Board permission to take its transmission line through the central ridge. Even the Ridge Management Board (RMB) had reservations

The Madras High Court while directing the State Government to set up a Special Task Committee(STC) to prevent deforestation in the Tirupattur area, held that no sincere effort or strategy had been

After a long delay, the Brazilian government released the data on deforestation in the Amazon during 1995 and 1996, as well as estimates for 1997. According to the numbers disclosed by the National