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The Cambodian authorities have granted a logging concession for some 10,000 rai of forest in Koh Kong province to Thai and Cambodian businessmen in exchange for construction of a road linking Koh

NGOs interested in the development of non-forest wasteland and watershed development no longer need to approach the Department of Wasteland Development in the Ministry of Rural Areas & Employment.

A massive forestation programme in 900 acres of land is going on in Chittagong Hill Tracts Region at a cost of Tk 280 crore. The Department of Forest is implementing the programme with the

Initiatives are underway to create "forest gardens" in 52 districts of Bangladesh, including Bandarban, under a donor aided project. These gardens are meant to stop land erosion, rehabilitate Jhumia

Smuggling in Agarwood in Rajapara Beat under Loharghat Range in the Kamrup West Forest Division has caused strong concern not only to the Forest Department but also to the conscious people of South

While afforestation schemes drain out crores of public money every year without much success, a tribal village has shown that the key to creating a forest lies in mere protection of the area.

Sinar Mas Pulp & Paper (India) is in talks with the Gujarat government for setting up a Rs 2,000 crore state-of-the-art paper project. The company was planning to go in for an expansion of its Pune

Greenpeace protested against Chilean plans to allow a major logging project in the rain forest of the far southern Tierra Del Fuego region. Members of the group demonstrated in the capital in front

Neem, a source of pesticides, is itself under threat from a new fungus. The agricultural scientists in Mysore have identified a new fungal species that is destroying Neem (Azadirachta indica) trees

Environment and forest Ministry have issued notification to constitute a special Task Force Body for the estimation of loss incurred to the forest wealth of state as a cause of forest disease