Analysis of multi-date satellite sensor data and maps indicated loss of 1836 ha of land during 1976–2001 along the Godavari deltaic coast resulting in displacement of coastal communities and mangrove destruction. Decrease in sediment loads from an annual average of 145.26 million tons in 1971–79 to 56.76 million tons during 1990–98, apparently due to construction of dams, largely diminished vertical accretion at the delta, while continued coastal subsidence that might have been accentuated by possible neotectonic activity and consequent relative sea level rise led to shoreline retreat.

Digital processing of the IRS-1D LISS-III image revealed a highly degraded state of the Kolleru lake.

The blowout at its rig in Andhra Pradesh has put the Oil and Natural Gas Commission in a technological fix, apart from raising the question of whether safety measures at the other exploration sites are adequate

MURPHY'S oft-proven first law -- "If something can go wrong, it will" -- is something which appears to have been given the go-by, on their fast-forward to striking paydirt, by the decisionmakers at

The touching concern being shown by the government for India

There is a corporate look about the state secretariat of Gujarat. Unlike most other state capitals, political | workers of any hue are conspicuous by their absence in ' Gandhinagar. Instead, smartly-dressed business executives from across the country and the world buzz around in the corridors of the state capital.