Battered and shamed in the recent Lok Sabha polls and gaping at the cracks in its own front, Kerala's ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) is going against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that India has signed with ASEAN. It formed a 550 km 'human chain' across the state to demonstrate its protest.

After four years of suffering financial losses, India's first gas-based power project, Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Ltd (RGPPL), is now set to make its mark on India's power scene. The company had suffered a Rs600-crore loss in 2008-09, due to fall in capacity generation because of machinery breakdowns.

The tepid response to the eighth round of the New Exploration Licensing Policy questions its overwhelming merits
Bids have been received for only 36 of the 70 blocks, offered for exploration in the eighth round of the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP). The government remains sanguine about the response, considering the global financial situation. But the fact is that it was a damp squib.

India balances competing interests in awarding nuclear projects

In December 2008, when Ishita Khanna, 29, co-founder of Ecos-phere, won the Pepsi MTV Youth Icon of the Year award in the entrepreneur category, her peers were not surprised.

The project of countrywide piped gas is UPA's first Big Idea

Water is becoming a scarce natural resource and there is an urgent need to conserve it, says minister for water resources, Pawan Kumar Bansal. In conversation with Yeshi Seli, he points out that the objective of his ministry is to act as a catalyst in sensitising people on the need to use water judiciously and also to harvest it. Many states are actively following this now

For just about 20 years now, the world has taken increasing note of its changing climate marked by global warming; and looked hard for ways to check this process and curb its impact. That long-drawn and painstaking process will be in global limelight when the World Climate Conference takes place in Copenhagen.

The Indian corporate sector has realised the dangers posed by climate change, and is slowly, but surely, amalgamating green technology with it score growth strategy

Green Award winners cast light on the renewable energy sector